I'm Back


Hey! It’s me; I’m back with a newly revamped website. I’m still in construction, but I figured that if I waited until it was perfect, I would never post anything.


I thought that with night classes and no more full-time job I would have time to write a lot and post often, but boy was I wrong. Full load credits this semester, three nights of night classes ending at 9:30 pm, homework for those five classes, 4-10hours of work and then a lot of training as left me with no time to actually do anything other than getting my 9hours of sleep and eat a lot, as per usual! That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. I love being busy and the weeks go by so quickly. On top of that my boyfriend has had major back surgery, so I’m trying to be there as much as possible. All that to say that I miss writing and posting and that I’ll make time for it because I really like it. Plus, it’s always good for a French Canadian to practice her English writing skills.

I’m writing this down to keep me accountable; I will try to post something every two weeks, from my weekly recap, tips and tricks on nutrition, racing, training, guest posts and much more. If you are interested in learning about something just hop in the comment or the contact section and give me some suggestion!

About triathlon now, I’m racing in 4 weeks at the Portland 10miler for a tune up road race then six days after I’m racing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. When I was in the McGill Triathlon Club back in Montreal, I was always jealous of the athletes that got to race at USA Triathlon Collegiate Clubs National Championships. This year I get to race, and I’m really excited! I will be racing the Individual Olympic race and the relay with my Northeastern University Triathlon teammates.


You can check my entire race schedule here.