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Currently at the airport, waiting to see if I’m going to make it back to Boston before my final presentation. Aka, one of the two that is needed for me to graduate from my MBA in 2 weeks. I’ve also just realized that in the last 3 trips I’ve taken, at least one flight was cancelled each time... I’m now 3 for 3 in cancel flights this year. Anyway, life has been pretty crazy since Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, and now, we are here less than 2 weeks before my A race of the season, Ironman 70.3 Maine, so I figured I would do a little life update, mostly cause I’m waiting at the gate and for the few that are interested in hearing me ramble, here you go!



After Mont-Tremblant I took a couple weeks to recover, which went very well, but then July rolled around and everything kind of went sideways and got really busy… I moved from my apartment to my boyfriend’s place, so most of my time, aside from training and school was spent doing boxes. Then, I managed to fall in the stairs moving boxes, sprained my right ankle, torn my left quad musle and got some bad scrapes. Thankfully it wasn’t too serious, and I managed to resume training almost normally 3-4 days later. I still get some ankle pain with certain movement, especially in the pool, but nothing that’s preventing me from running or biking anymore. Going up and down the stairs in 100+ degree in the middle of a very humid summer in Boston, was really interesting. Let’s just say that I had nothing in my legs to get productive workouts the 2 days we did most of the move. 

Post ER visit

Post ER visit

On top of that, if you’ve been following me on Instagram (@stephdoyon … Shameless plug!) you know I cut my middle finger pretty bad 3 weeks ago, it turned into a Sunday morning, 8am visit to the Urgent care, as it hadn’t stop bleeding in 24hrs. Very painful injury, but there’s not much I could do. The doctor stopped the bleeding (cauterized it) and I had to take 4 days completely off to make sure my finger wouldn’t start bleeding again, for those who know me, 4 days of doing nothing drives me nuts! I started running and biking again on the Thursday, and swimming, 2 weeks after. The first swim back was pretty bad, but it’s starting to come back, oh and so is the feeling in the top of my finger. It took 3 weeks for the top part of my finger to regain sensation, and my phone is still not recognizing my fingerprint on this finger, so annoying! 

Then some personal matter took priority and added a lot of stress to my already stressed self and to finish this up, I’m graduating from my MBA in 2 weeks, which means I have 2 final presentations, two papers and one final to take in the next 8 days, and I have to find a job, but then I’m done! Oh yeah and my computer crashed, thankfully, I didn’t lose any school work! Crazy to think that 2 years ago I moved to Boston to start my master, and it’s all wrapping up now. I’m definitely ready to be done with homework, school projects and lectures. 21 straight years of school is enough for now!


Great time riding with my brother in Montreal

Great time riding with my brother in Montreal

In terms of training, my last 2 weeks went pretty well, as the stress of life has come done a little bit, and after 3-4 weeks of crappy workouts, it was well appreciated. I’ve managed to get some decent training in, for almost 14 consecutive days. I was also in Montreal this weekend, so I got to train with my family, I definitely miss training with my dad, and now that my brother is also into triathlon I got to ride with him too. Biking is still not where I want it to be, but it’s going to take time until I’m happy, lots of volume, sweat, tears and blood probably! Running was pretty bad until 5 days ago, but it finally clicked again on Friday, so I’m a little more confident going into my taper and race week. And then swimming, well, we’ll see, ocean swim aren’t my favorite and I haven’t swam much in the past month, but I’m hoping that muscle memory will quick in at some point! (if there is such things…)

There you have it a quick life update as I’m finally boarding! Now I have 2-3 more days of hard work before we start tapering and tuning up for the half Ironman in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Thanks for reading till the end, talk to you soon! 




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